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Photos by @demo_zer
Part of Demo Zervoudakis (@demo_zer) has always been drawn to the water. “I’ve never lived in a place where there wasn’t a beach or a river in close proximity,” says the Greek-Canadian architect, who was born in Montreal and spent his childhood moving back and forth between his two home countries, just recently settling onto the Greek island of Karpathos. “There’s something very soothing about the repetitive motion of the waves hitting the shore, the way they return every time,” says Demo. “I find it pretty hopeful and nostalgic.”
After starting to take pictures at an early age, Demo began to learn the technical ins and outs of the craft while he was in high school. “As I slowly got more into it, my take on photography — and the world — became a bit more abstract. I wanted to take a step back, to view the world from afar. I’ve never used a drone, so I try to emulate that aerial feeling in different ways; I usually find a spot where it looks otherworldly, like how a bird or a sea creature sees the world. I hope that people see my photos as a form of escape — a sunny, blue escape.” 🌊
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