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Photo by @madl_enka
“I grew up with stories in my house, and it had a big impact on my visual imagination,” says 26-year-old Australia-based photographer Madz Rehorek (@madl_enka). “My grandma was a writer and a puppeteer, and used to read out loud her Czech fairy tales to me at night. They were visually descriptive, surreal, dark and magical. I used to delve into those stories and imagine her characters skipping through scenes full of color and light. One I remember her telling me was about lovers traveling through the night, which referred to her and my grandfather when they fled Prague to come to Australia in 1968 during the time of the Soviet Union.
“I was always drawing, making things and getting messy. Then I started photographing, simply enjoying the process of meeting new people and taking their portrait. Most of the people I photograph are close to me. My aim is to steal a bit of them while they’re really comfortable. I love shooting on medium format film just as much as my phone — I’m seeking out threads of color and veins of light that play with each other.” #WhereIComeFrom
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