Beef Wellington for a birthday treat. Scrambled eggs at breakfast. These are chef Gordon Ramsay’s (@gordongram) most-requested dishes … when he’s at home. “They see me as a breakfast chef now in the house,” he says of his family. In the rest of the world, he’s known for his world-class restaurants and TV shows, but he got his start in a classic English restaurant where his mother worked as a cook. “My first memories of food are helping her peel, slice, dice and roast vegetables in this tiny little cafe in the middle of Stratford-upon-Avon,” says Gordon, whose new live cooking show “The F Word” premieres tonight. “Every top chef in the world cooks live every night in their restaurant,” he explains. “I love going live because it’s me at my best. I think more importantly, you get to really understand the true passion without looking at something that you think might be edited. You’ll see it in full bang, swing, 100 percent live — and catching that level of adrenaline. It’s uncontrollable, but it’s highly exciting.”
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