Londoner Nia Pettitt (@frogirlginny) is building a curly-haired global community. “I have been able to connect with thousands of people over something as simple as hair,” says the 19-year-old student who organizes “FroDay” meetups around the world, encouraging others to embrace their natural curls. “I specialize in cutting curly hair and restoring love to it. I only do it part-time, but my dream is to eventually pursue this passion.” Nia said goodbye to straighteners in her early teens and let her hair blossom. “I want people to feel like they are beautiful regardless of their ‘flaws,’” says Nia. “The thing that makes me #PerfectlyMe is my soul because it is vibrant. I am like a sunflower. I project light to others. I stand out because of my big curly hair and I am strong.”
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Photo by @frogirlginny
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