From snow-covered Himalayas to the glowing sunsets of Marrakech, Florian Schmitt’s (@kidkutsmedia) photographs transport us to remote landscapes and bustling cities. “For me, traveling means to feel free and to expand my horizons,” says the Mannheim, Germany, resident who regularly gives in to his wanderlust. “I was in Nepal for two months this year and worked there in a hospital and a health camp.” It was an ideal opportunity for the 30-year-old medical student to combine his studies with his passion for photography. Florian was fascinated by the open-mindedness and friendliness of the Nepalese people, and it’s the interpersonal encounters he most wants to hold on to and share. “Most of my pictures are created by wandering through unknown streets and encounters with people,” says Florian. “These short moments often tell a story and I hope to capture them with my pictures.”
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Photo by @kidkutsmedia #Regram