Afghan photojournalist Zalmai (@zalmai) has his #EyesOn a humanitarian catastrophe, as millions of people flee across borders and oceans around the world. He remembers his own story, decades ago, when the Soviet army occupied his country. “I was 15 years old, traveling with my older brother — without our parents — crossing Afghanistan, Pakistan, India. Eventually we made it to Switzerland. This time of my life was the most difficult. Suddenly you have to leave your country, your family, your friends, your school, without knowing why.” For the past 15 years, Zalmai has traveled the world, telling the stories of displaced people, including the most recent generation of refugees from war-torn Afghanistan, Syria and Sudan, landing in waves on the shores of Europe. “When I tell them I was a refugee myself, suddenly the barriers fall and the hearts open. They trust me, and I feel a huge responsibility to make their voices heard,” he says. #HumanRightsDay
Photo by @zalmai
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