“I’ve celebrated this day in the past, but it’s different in Ireland,” says American expat Elizabeth Lamb (@ebdeco) of Saint Patrick’s Day. Shamrocks aside, Elizabeth says it’s a time for friends and family. “The tradition here is to go to Mass in the morning, and after go watch the parade,” she says, which is followed by meeting friends at the pub and listening to traditional Irish music.
After visiting Ireland as a teenager, Elizabeth returned to research her family history and wound up falling so in love with the country that four years ago, she moved into an old house on a sheep farm in Donegal, overlooking the North Atlantic. “The Irish landscapes, especially the rugged beauty of Donegal, are some of the most beautiful I’ve ever seen,” says Elizabeth. “I love the ever-changing light, the unspoiled raw beauty and the old stone walls, castles and cottages steeped in history.” Plus, she adds, “Where else can you find a crock of gold at the end of the rainbow?” 🍀
Photo by @ebdeco #Regram