#regram from @instagram
Photo by @one_armed_chef
In 2011, British photographer Giles Duley (@gilesduley) stepped on a roadside bomb in Afghanistan and lost both his legs and an arm. “I was told I’d never walk or work again,” he says. “But one morning I woke up and said to myself, ‘From this moment on, I will never think about what I can’t do, but I will excel at the things I can.’”
Once he was back behind the camera, Giles turned toward his second love: cooking. Coining himself the One-Armed Chef (@one_armed_chef), Giles shares photos of meals from his own kitchen, and those he prepares with refugees and families living in conflict areas. “Food is a great way to build relationships,” says Giles. “When you share food, you become friends. Too often refugees or those living in conflict areas are portrayed as helpless. I see individuals who need support and help, not sympathy. So cooking with families, eating together — I think it shows solidarity.”
Watch our story to meet Giles and see some of his culinary creations.