#regram from @instagram

Photo by @_wand_wand
Hello, world! Meet Yōji and Viktor (@_wand_wand), two white whippets and today’s #WeeklyFluff. “They’re extreme opposites, like plus and minus, yin and yang,” says Julia, a freelance graphic designer and the duo’s human. “Yōji is a bit shy and often stubborn. He’ll never do anything to please humans. On the contrary, we have to please him.” Viktor, however, is full of energy and could play Frisbee all day long. “We like to say Viktor is physical and Yōji is intellectual,” says Julia.
Though their personalities might be at odds, they have one major thing in common: “While outdoors they are sprinters, whippets are couch potatoes at home,” says Julia. “They’re quiet and gentle snuggle bugs.”
Straight from Berlin, watch our story to join Yōji and Viktor for a day of treats, parks and tricks.