He’s an alpine climber and a thrill-seeker, but Cory Richards’ (@coryrichards) definition of adventure evolved over time. “It’s anything that pushes you really far outside of your comfort zone, and that can be creatively, athletically, geographically, culturally,” the 35-year-old National Geographic (@natgeo) photojournalist says. “Once you wrap your head around that, I think we can all start to own the ‘adventure’ inside of us.” Cory’s work has taken him to extreme locations like the Wohlthat Mountains of Antarctica or prehistoric caves in Nepal, and his success hangs on what he calls the linchpin of all great photography: intimacy. “It’s scary and it’s hard and it’s exhausting,” Cory says. “The only way you foster intimacy is through curiosity and allowing that curiosity to draw you closer to that which you are not familiar with or do not know. You start to form intimate relationships with the elements of a story; and in doing so, your stories become more impactful.”
Cory’s work is featured in the new book “@NatGeo: The Most Popular Instagram Photos,” on sale now.
Photo by @coryrichards
#Regram @Instagram http://vnat.ca/1pSvANW

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