Photojournalist Smita Sharma (@smitashrm) has her #EyesOn the women of India. Her two recent projects document the experience of rape survivors across the country and the trafficking of women, primarily in West Bengal. “This phenomenon is not just about a single country like India or Bangladesh; the survivors are there struggling all over the world, just with different circumstances,” says Smita, 36, who splits her time between New Delhi and New York City. “Sharing their story is the first step to understanding and ultimately eradicating such madness from our world.”
Growing up in northeast India, Smita saw firsthand the racial violence and discrimination among the tribal and non-tribal communities. “I felt that we were neglected, and the story of our communities wasn’t being told,” says Smita, who studied mass communication and then journalism. “Photography matters — there is so much out there about beauty, nature, happiness, art and so many other positive and visually appealing situations in our world, but there is also darkness and sadness and evil and destruction and these stories cannot be ignored.”
Photo by @smitashrm
#Regram @Instagram

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