He doesn’t describe himself as a photographer, but Benoit Paillé (@benoit_paille) expresses himself through photography. “I’ve been living in a truck for three years,” says Benoit, who is originally from Quebec. “I completely transformed my life; I travel from country to country, and I just take pictures.” Right now, he’s in Guatemala where he’s taking colorful, surrealist pictures at night. “This pink flash is one way to transform reality without any post-editing,” he explains. “And this doesn’t keep me from keeping up my documentary-style work. I document my day-to-day wanderings, completely spontaneously. I don’t know why I take all these photos. It’s such a big part of my life; it’s my language, my revolt, what motivates me on the road. It’s my freedom.”
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Photo by @benoit_paille
#Regram @Instagram http://vnat.ca/1pSvANW

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