Nyimas Laula Li An’Amie (@nyimaslaula) has her #EyesOn a world under the sea. Growing up in Indonesia, an archipelago nation of over 17,000 islands, the 24-year-old photographer spent weekends on the beach with family but had little idea what existed beneath the surface. That all changed when she took up free diving, descending deep into the water, without oxygen tanks. “Being underwater is like being where life starts from,” she says. “Free diving keeps me humble and reminds me that I’m just a tiny human in the big ocean.” Now, exploring her country above and below the water, Nyimas is confronted by scenes that disturb — like swampy fields of plastic waste, skies lost in industrial haze — and those that induce awe, like a pod of melon-headed whales in clear, blue water.
“I swam side by side like I was one of them,” says Nyimas of her whale sighting. “Watched them play, heard them sing. They reminded me that on this planet, we’re not the only ones who try to survive. They gave me hope — to keep fighting to save our planet.”
Photo by @nyimaslaula
#Regram @Instagram http://vnat.ca/1pSvANW

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