New Orleans may be synonymous with #MardiGras, but for photographer and teacher Akasha Rabut (@akasharabut) the city’s locals make it a magical place. “It’s the weirdest and most beautiful place I’ve ever lived,” Akasha explains. “It’s full of these luminaries and visionaries that don’t really have much. The vibe here — everybody’s so passionate.” As a documentarian, Akasha is fascinated by subjects that embody a unique experience, so it was by lucky design that she ran into members of Caramel Curves, an all-women motorcycle crew, during Mardi Gras Indians parade. (They invited her to join their club meeting at a nail salon.) “They were all just so strong and so cool,” says Akasha. “A lot of them are single mothers, and they’re talking about how much pride they had in raising their children and how riding motorcycles was this outlet for them. It is such a special part of their lives. It meant more than just being seen on a motorcycle — riding a bike gave them a sense of freedom.”
This post is in celebration of Women’s History Month. Throughout March, we’ll be highlighting the stories of women doing extraordinary things around the world.
Photo by @akasharabut #Regram

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