How To Target The Right Audience With Your Twitter Ads

How To Target The Right Audience With Your Twitter Ads

Twitter, with over 328 million monthly active users, is the most preferred social media platforms for marketing and advertising after Facebook. Millions of tweeples remain active on Twitter throughout the day, making it a very lucrative media for advertisement. More than 130,000 active advertisers have tried, tested and trusted Twitter and tagged it as one of the most effective advertising platforms of current times. The top digital marketers have unanimously accepted Twitter as one of the highest revenue generating social media platforms. To snatch the potential of this platform, advertisers launch various ad campaigns to target a larger audience and engage them with their brand, product or service. However, like anything else, Twitter ads too need to be used smartly with some tricks to bring higher revenue; otherwise it would not only increase your financial burden but also render all your efforts ineffective.

Here, the main question that crops up is, “What are the key factors that decide the success of a Twitter ad campaign?” and the list begins with “audience”. Audience is the primary and most crucial factor that plays an important role in deciding the success or failure of any ad campaign. So, no wonder that in Twitter ad campaign as well, right audience carries the same weightage. To get higher user engagement and more leads, have a look at the six quick and simple ways to target the right audience with your Twitter ads. 


Create Your Audience Persona

For any type of marketing or advertising campaign, building a buyer persona is the first and foremost thing that needs to be done. In order to target the right audience with your Twitter ads, you need to create an audience persona first. While creating an audience persona, you should keep in mind the Who, What, When, Where and Why of your Twitter ad. In addition to that, also focus on the demographics like gender, family, job, location, income, needs, challenges and pain points that your target audience should ideally have.

To do it easily

Tools like Xtensio can be used to create an audience persona for free.


Organize Your Twitter Lists

Twitter list is one of the most lucrative ways to sort and cluster the followers into different groups. You can easily find ‘Create new list’ option in the ‘List’ bar of the Twitter profile. You can create as many as 1,000 lists and add up to 5,000 members in each list. These lists help in quick and effective engagement with a tailored audience. Organized Twitter lists can come in handy during ad campaigns to target the right audience with the Twitter ads.

To do it easily

Tools like, Twilistmanager and Hootsuite can be used to add more followers, sort them out and monitor lists in a quick and easy manner.

Search Keywords In Twitter Bio

One of the best ways to target the right audience with your Twitter ads is by using keyword search. Those with a Tweetdeck interface can easily search all the Twitter bios using any specific keywords to find the apt Twitter profiles. You can enter any keyword including the interest, location, URL, name etc., to target the right audience.

To do it easily

You can also make use of the FollowerWonk tool or Twitter’s “people search” feature to search your target-specific audience.


Target The Competitor’s Audience

The audience that follows your competitor will definitely share an interest in your ad that is promoting a similar product or service. You can know which demographic the competitors are targeting that are giving them a lead ahead of you. Explore their community and target their audience with your Twitter ads.

To do it easily

Use the nifty tool called SocialBro (now Audiense) to get insights about your competitors on Twitter, see what’s working for them and mimic the strategies that you feel can be beneficial.

Refine The Ad Target

There are many ways to refine the Twitter ad target. Geotargeting is a good tool to refine the targets according to the country, states or even any local region using the ‘Import Multiple Location’ option. You can also try gender targeting by understanding your buyer persona and knowing what gender would be interested in the ad. Next, you can choose to refine your targets by adding languages; i.e., targeting only particular language speakers in any country or community.

To do it easily

Refine the ad target is by targeting specific device users and even targeting particular hashtag users to reach out to your right audience

Don’t Miss Out On The Industry Influencers

Think of all the influencers who can be, directly or indirectly, connected to your ad; these influencers could be bloggers, journalists, entrepreneurs, celebrities, authors etc. Mention the influencers in your posts to engage with them, retweet what they update, share their posts and blogs while mentioning them and try guest posting on their blogs to reach out to the influencers. Once you’ve accomplished this task, you can easily reach out to their followers with your Twitter ads. Influencer marketing is at its peak currently as almost 40% of the Twitter users show interest and even purchase things that are shared by the influencers. Targeting the influencers help in amplifying the ad as well as brand reach.

To do it easily

Klout and Followerwonk can be used for easy Twitter exploration to find and connect with online social influencers.

Start targeting the right audience with your Twitter ads to prevent your advertising efforts from becoming a mere shot in the dark. Invest more time and energy in chalking out a precise audience persona and finding the right audience that fits the persona before using the strategies discussed above. Avoid making your target too narrow or too broad while incorporating the strategies into your Twitter ad campaign to get more engagement, higher leads and ultimately greater ROI.



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Anurag Gupta is a budding entrepreneur with stakes in an acclaimed Web Designing & Development Company, headquartered in India. He also happens to be a keen writer, sharing insights, tips, and tutorials on subjects related to the ever evolving landscape of Web Designing and Development.

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