Photographers cite countless reasons for loving the craft, but few go as far as Monica Tiwari (@monicatiwari), 28, who insists that taking pictures has made her a better person. “In general, I think I spend more time in my head than outside of it,” Monica says. “But when I started taking photographs, I really started to notice the world around me. Before that, I never had much interest in travel. I preferred staying in my room — reading, writing, listening to music. Photography made me more aware of what’s happening outside of my own head.”
Currently, Monica is on the ground capturing #Holi celebrations. “In India, festivals denote important changes in the seasons, and their roots lie in our strong agricultural traditions,” she explains. “Holi marks the arrival of spring, and that is the sweetest note it holds for me. I love the all-encompassing cheer, the vibrant colors, the scent of spring, the forgetting and forgiving of old issues, the overall warm and welcoming spirit. It is just such a joyous time!”
Watch our Instagram story to follow along with Monica as she takes in the sights and sounds of Holi.
Photo by @monicatiwari #Regram

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