Month: May 2016


Photo by @EnricSala | On March 21st, the government of Ecuador announced the creation of a marine sanctuary and 21 conservation areas in the Galápagos Islands, fully protecting a vibrant ecosystem that’s home to the highest abundance of sharks on the planet. The new sanctuary will safeguard over 47,000 square kilometers of ocean — roughly one third of the waters around the archipelago — against fishing and other extractive industries such as mining and oil drilling.
In December of 2015, National Geographic’s Pristine Seas team of international scientists and filmmakers, in collaboration with the Galápagos National Park and the Darwin Research Station, surveyed and documented the waters around the islands. Here, a sea lion chases its fish prey off the coast of Isabela Island during the @natgeopristineseas expedition. #conservation #exploration #Galápagos #Ecuador #pristineseas #sharks #natgeo repost from Instagram: