Month: May 2015

Walk Off The Earth

United Airlines really stepped in something bad again. You may remember a while back when Dave Carroll made this YouTube video about United Airlines breaking his guitar. Well that video sent their stock plummeting that cost them $180 million dollars. So you would think they would have learned their lesson and invested in a crisis communication plan as well as some staff training. Well not so. Singer #SarahBlackwood was kicked off the plane for her son who was crying. A social media crisis ensued with a lot of people crying foul.
One thing to note is that it didn’t actually happen on a United plane. It did have a United flight number and the plane was painted in United colours, but it was a regional flight, operated by SkyWest, which is one of a number of different regional airlines that United contracts the operation of its United express-branded flights to. That means SkyWest supplied the plane and the crew. Keep that in mind when developing your social media crisis plan. United also needs to be a part of the conversation but so far, although SkyWest has released a statement blaming Sarah which appears to only add fuel to the fire, United has done their usual head in the sand with no response whatsoever. Yet the conversation and story is being told without them.
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