Month: March 2014

I took this photo today of Kettle Creek Popcorn Shoppe in @symonsvalleyrch #gastropost #yyceats (at Symons Valley Ranch)

I took this photo today of @DessertDsgn at @symonsvalleyrch #gastropost #yyceats (at Symons Valley Ranch)

Took this photo today for one of my clients, Wayne’s Bagels @symonsvalleyrch #gastropost #yyceats (at Symons Valley Ranch)

Twitter gives a big FU to Turkey’s Prime Minister

In case you hadn’t heard, the Prime Minister of Turkey has blocked Twitter in the country just days before their countries election.  Just another Dictator trying to block the voice of his people.  So what does Twitter do?  Hire some high priced lawyer to face their Government in international court? No, expensive, time consuming and probably wouldn’t go any where anyways.  Instead with just a few keystrokes, less than 140 characters, Twitter puts out a tweet on how to get around the Governments ban rendering it totally useless.

Social Commerce – Which social media platforms drive the most sales?

Just to clarify before you read this, a strong social media program includes many of these platforms, not just one.  Some facts:

  • Facebook drives 63% of all social media traffic to Shopify stores
  • Pinterest (13%) drives more traffic than Twitter (10.5%)
  • Sales coming from Reddit grew 152% in 2013
  • The highest average order coming from social traffic is $66.75, and it comes from Polyvore. Instagram is very close with $65
  • Highest conversion rate is 1.85% from Facebook traffic